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Hawke Probate Stills is a family business that started out with Hawke making a very simple copper pot still. Like everyone else in the distillation and brewing world a passion soon followed. As a builder for many years, Hawke could not stop there. As demand increased so did the determination to supply Canadians with the best distillation equipment for microdistilleries and hobbyists equipment possible. With in a very short time, Hawke Probate Stills is becoming one of the most beloved suppliers in North America.

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 Hawke Probate Distillation Equipment Services Inc. does not endorse the making of grain alcohols for personal consumption or resale. The making of alcohol is illegal in Canada without specific licensing or permits. All products and information provided by Hawke Probate Distillation Equipment Services Inc. is purely for educational and legal use purposes only. Incorrectly made alcohol can be hazardous to your health. The views and opinions of your consultants Hawke are not shared by Hawke Probate Distillation Equipment Services Inc.

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